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Some Questions to Provoke Your Thoughts

Welcome to Wednesday which means we’re bringing you some Thought-Provoking Questions of the week today!

  • Why do businesses outsource their social networks?

It makes absolutely no sense to me when they do this. They’re also doing it wrong in the process. People go on social networks to escape all the bullshit in life which includes having advertisements constantly shoved down our throats. So what do these businesses do on social networks? They shove advertisements down our throats…fun, huh? The key word in “social networks” is social. People want to connect with other people when they go on these sites. They don’t want to be friends with someĀ  emotionless company. I guess these corporations really don’t have souls so they need to hire others to connect customers because they’re socially awkward?

  • Why do we underestimate ourselves sometimes? How can we stop?

I wish I had the answer. Maybe it has to do with self-confidence? Maybe if we have high self-confidence all the time, the “barriers” that stand before us get smaller? Maybe we just have to take action quicker so we don’t have time to think and try to talk ourselves out of doing whatever is making us uncomfortable?

And a question that only you can answer for yourself…

  • As another passes, are you any closer to achieving your dream?

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