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Why Do We Need the Approval of Others? …among other things

This week at the Micro Business Kid is all about changing things up and trying out a new schedule. To help you get past “Hump Day,” Wednesdays will provide you with the thought-provoking questions of the week! Expect 1-3 questions a week.

  • Why do we need the approval of others?

When we were growing up and did something great, we’d usually tell our parents and if we got an excited response from them, it was the greatest feeling in the world. When we didn’t, our moods would suffer.

When we were teenagers and did something cool, we’d tell all of our friends on Facebook about it. Again, if we got a lot of comments or likes, we’d feel great about ourselves. If we didn’t, we’d feel like shit and maybe even delete the status because you got embarrassed.

(If you have a normal job) and did something great at work like get a raise, you couldn’t wait to get home to tell your significant other. If they shared in our excitement, it was the greatest thing ever. If all what they said was “eh, that’s cool” we’d get all depressed.

Why is that? Why do we need other people to know about and share in our accomplishments? Can’t we just do something incredible just for the sake of knowing that you did something incredible?

  • Why do people, in general, let the things that hold them back, hold them back?

Everyday, we hear stories about people who have physical or mental hindrances do absolutely fucking incredible things! Why is it that people with “handicaps” do such amazing things, while perfectly “normal” people don’t do a damn thing with their lives? It may have something to do with their perspective of life. The “handicapped” people probably look at life differently. Maybe some of them know they don’t have much longer to live so they really do make the most of each and everyday.

On the other hand, we all die, and we should realize this. Why do some people persevere through all the bullshit in their lives and do some really great things while others simply give up?

* If anyone is offended by my word choice, I’m sorry and didn’t mean to offend anyone. I simply don’t know the correct word choice. If you do, please let me know in a nice way. Please don’t call me a fuckin’ idiot 🙂

  • Why do we focus more on the people who don’t show up more than those who do?

A friend of mine put together a really incredible convention the other week for the Indonesian community in California. All sorts of dignitaries and such showed up. I asked how it went and she said that it went really well, but a lot of people didn’t show up, and this upset her parents which led her to become upset.

I told her that she needs to focus more on the people who showed up instead of those who didn’t. I mean, people only have one Saturday night a week. Maybe they had other plans? Maybe they got confused about the date? Maybe they simply forgot? Whatever the reasoning, it doesn’t matter. That would be like telling everyone who showed up when they were leaving, “thanks so much for coming, but I just wish someone else showed up too.” Not only does this not make sense, this will certainly piss off those who indeed did show up.

That would be like me saying thanks to the 2,000 or so people who have come across this blog but being extremely upset that the other billions of people in the world didn’t come across it! Be grateful for all your followers, readers, customers, etc and don’t give a shit about the ones who aren’t. We all have things going on and different interests.

Maybe those people who aren’t currently your followers will eventually come around and become followers? (They probably will) so don’t worry about it! Focus on adding value to the lives of people who know you or your business and that’s all you can do.

On that note, a great, big THANK YOU to all of you who read this post and have read other posts before. It really means A LOT to me. It’s also great to hear from readers that they’ve benefited from what I’ve written in some sort of way. That’s why I created this blog! If you wouldn’t mind, please take some time to let me know how I’m doing!



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