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An Interview With the Other Guy Behind Habermann and Sons

The Micro Business Kid gives you awesome interviews each Tuesday with a micro entrepreneur. Today is a special guest; my dad. He’s been my business partner for almost 5 years now and has been my mentor and role model for much longer than that!

If you’re a follower of our business on Tumblr, he’s the one who creates most of the epic posts and the extremely talented artist who we’ve showcased work from over the past couple of weeks.

Without further ado, my interview with Markus Paetzold. (My name is Marc and yes, it does get confusing sometimes.)

  • What’s the name of your micro business and where is it located?

Habermann & Sons Classic Motorcycle Clothiers in St. Petersburg, Florida

  • How long have you been in business?

Since 2008

  • What does your micro business do?

We offer vintage-style motorcycle apparel to motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the world as well as a very unique “old-school” service that we’re going to launch soon.

  • Why did you decide to start your micro business?

Because I grew up in the motorcycle world and wanted to get back into it after 20 or so years. I rode with World-Class riders like Eddy Hau and Danny LaPorte and planned on participating in the Paris-Dakar Rally if I didn’t meet my wife at that time.

  • Who else is a part of your team? What are their roles?

My son Marc, and of course my wife, who is ultimately our boss. I’m the creative force in the group.

  • What are some memorable moments that you’ve had in your micro business?

Every day in the business is memorable and brings new opportunities and challenges with it.

  • What are some moments that you’d rather forget?

Spending way too much money to be a distributor for a certain company.

  • What’s something that you know now that you wish you would have known when you first started out?

You don’t need to have a storefront to have a successful business.

  • If you could give advice to those just starting out, it would be:

Just because you start out small, don’t sell yourself short. Think big and sooner or later you’ll get there. Be persistent!

  • What do you think is a key trait that you possess that has led you to have a successful micro business? Why is it important?

Passion for the industry that I’m in. If you’re passionate about something you more than likely have more insight and knowledge of that matter than others

  • What do you think is most important to have while first starting a micro business; a business degree, connections, determination, etc.? Why?

A dream because it will lead you on your way to success. Always keep that dream in mind.

  • Looking forward to the next 6 months or so, what new ideas or goals do you have for your micro business?

We’re launching a new service really soon and are looking to create an impact with it.

  • What are some “myths” of starting a business that you’ve found to be absolutely false?

You don’t need a business degree to start a business although experience in the field helps.

  • Is there anything else you’d like to share or address? If so, what?

I couldn’t have done this without the support from my family.

* * *

Some of his work:


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