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Some Insight from Ernest Hemingway

ernestI have the same fear. I’m trying to really live but it’s difficult when I work at least 20 hours a week, go to school, and run 2 businesses. Besides the business part, I don’t control my time. If you control your time, you control your life. Work and school is something where I just go through the motions and jump through the hoops. There are too many days that I feel are wasted. Too many days where I’m not really working towards anything and my wheels are just spinning under me.

I need more instances where I feel alive. More instances that get my adrenaline rushing that let me know that I’m alive. Playing it safe never really got anyone anywhere. Life should be measured by how many near-death incidents you’ve had; not by how many days of vacation your employer “allows” you.

That’s what we’ll be working towards starting in 2013. Hope you’ll join me.


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61 Ways to Ensure that You Live a Miserable Existence

Do the following and you’ll be sure to lead a miserable, unfulfilled life!


  1. Settle.
  2. Stay in a miserable relationship because you’ve settled, don’t like confrontation, and/or don’t want to hurt the other person.
  3. Let someone else manage your money.
  4. Never take responsibility for the bad things that happen to you.
  5. Depend on someone else for your income.
  6. Take out lots of student loans because “everyone is doing it.”
  7. Conform.
  8. Never read books.
  9. Go to work, eat dinner, watch, tv, sleep, repeat.
  10. Say you always want to do something but never actually try to do it.
  11. Know that you should eat healthier and should exercise more but keep on eating fast food and sitting on the couch.
  12. Let fear control your life.
  13. Use money you don’t have to buy things that you don’t actually need.
  14. Keep working at a dead-end job that you hate so you have money to pay off your debt and pay for things you don’t actually need.
  15. Let advertisements control your emotions and cash flow.
  16. Never question authority.
  17. Depend on someone or something else for your happiness.
  18. Never chase your dreams.
  19. Never talk to that attractive girl or guy.
  20. Never try something new.
  21. Never have your own opinion.
  22. Do everything that the guy on Mad Money tells you to do.
  23. Believe everything the media tells you.
  24. Talk about changing but never change.
  25. Talk about starting your own business but never do so.
  26. Say you never have time but never actually try to make more time.
  27. Being more concerned about others’ decisions instead of your own.
  28. Accept answers such as “because I say so” or “because that’s the way it’s always been done.”
  29. Never leave your comfort zone.
  30. Feel sorry for yourself.
  31. Let your emotions get the best of you.
  32. Give up.
  33. Marry for money.
  34. Don’t have any goals.
  35. Don’t travel.
  36. Be close-minded.
  37. Think you’ve “finally made it” and quit working hard.
  38. Compare your life to others.
  39. Think you’re not good enough.
  40. Be an attention whore.
  41. Never save money for a rainy day.
  42. Never try to learn another language.
  43. Think you can just do it tomorrow.
  44. Never prioritize.
  45. Stop learning.
  46. Stop being curious.
  47. Never question others’ intentions.
  48. Gossip.
  49. Be around people who are negative and bring you down.
  50. Sleep all day.
  51. Worry about what others think of you.
  52. Never volunteer or donate money.
  53. Hold grudges.
  54. Work ALL the time.
  55. Don’t spend a lot of time with friends or family.
  56. Put money before relationships.
  57. Don’t spend some time by yourself.
  58. Don’t meditate.
  59. Don’t reflect or evaluate good and bad decisions.
  60. Don’t learn how to cook.
  61. Make money your number one priority.

Feel free to add anything to the list!



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