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There’s a New Posting Schedule at the Micro Business Kid!

After 41 gruesome nights delivering newspapers as a side job, my sleep schedule is closer to normal once more since I quit last week. That also means I’m coherent enough to spend more, quality time working on our business, posting content more consistently here, and creating a micro business guide that will help you go from having an idea to a fully functioning micro business!

I’ve also come up with a more consistent posting schedule and here it is:

Monday @ 6:00 am EST: Helpful Post of the Week. I used to do this everyday but I think once a week on Monday will be sufficient. There will probably be around 5 helpful things a week and what better day to share these things with you than at the beginning of the week?

Tuesday @ 6:00 am EST: Interview of the Week. A few weeks ago, I asked readers  what they would like to see added to the blog. One suggestion was that I interview other micro business owners and share their perspectives with my readers. I thought it was a great idea and the first interview will be posted this Tuesday! I currently don’t have any other interviews lined up so chances are that Tuesdays won’t have regular posts for the time being.

Wednesday @ 6:00 am EST: Thought-Provoking Questions of the Week. What better way to get you past “Hump Day” than by making you think? Expect around 3 questions each week.

Thursday @ 6:00 am EST: Book Review of the Week. The purpose of the Micro Business Kid is to provide you with resources, among other things that will help you start and grow a successful micro business. About 99% of my business sense came from reading books. I’m constantly reading and learning new things so I figured I’d share what I read to entice you to read the same. Maybe we can start a book discussion sometime in the future?

Friday @ 6:00 am EST: Actual Post of the Week. Fridays will be the day that I post a regular article that has to do with Micro Business. This will give you something to read in the office while you’re counting down the minutes until your weekend starts and it will give you inspiration while you plan your escape over the weekend.

Sound good?


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Sincerest Apologies from the Micro Business Kid

I’m sorry. I went on a mean-streak at the beginning of the blog and posted quality content for you Monday-Friday for a couple of weeks. This probably led you to believe that pure, unadulterated awesomeness would be posted at such a consistent rate. So what’s been going on the past couple of days? No new content…are you going to leave us hanging on our quests to create a micro business?

The answer is simply, no. I’m as committed to helping you start and grow a successful micro business as you are to making that dream a reality.

So what’s my explanation for this brief hiatus? I’m human and life is crazy sometimes…well, most of the time.

Allow me to give you a brief over-view of what’s been going on lately.

  • A dream of mine was absolutely crushed. I’ve been in contact with a school in Chicago for over 2 years to move up there and play soccer for them. I received a soccer scholarship offer and well…it wasn’t exactly enough to make me go up there. I don’t want to get into a heated debate about higher education, but a degree isn’t my answer to being able to live a successful life. It isn’t worth going into a huge amount of student loans just to play college soccer to me. So instead of moving up there and changing my life completely, I re-enrolled into the local college I’ve been going to. I should have my AA, which doesn’t mean much to the corporate world, after the next semester is over. Due to lovely financial aid being lovely, I should get some grants so in a way, I’ll be paid to go to school.
  • People disappoint me. They do say that friends come and go, right? Well what if that friend is someone who you thought you’d be friends with for the rest of your life? The friend who would be the best man at your wedding? Well that’s basically what’s been going on. My best friend has turned out to be more talk than action. It sucks but things like this happen. It takes some time to get over it though.
  • While I am a student, advise others in their businesses, and started this blog, it’s not enough for me to live off of at the moment so I’ve been looking for alternative sources of income. I was able to find one recently which was delivering newspapers. It’s not the most glamorous job in the world and the hours absolutely suck. It’s taken a while to get used to my new sleep cycle. Lately I’ve been sleeping from 7 pm-2 am. I’m still getting adjusted to it. I’m not the most creative or motivated when I’m sleep-deprived.
  • I’ve been looking for jobs that have more “conventional” work hours but haven’t had much luck. So far, I’m not qualified become a server or make burritos but the search continues…
  • I’ve come up with ways to create more value for you guys. A lot of reflecting and meditation has been going on. I’ve made some great breakthroughs and have decided to get rid of some things or change them around.
  • I’m getting back in shape. Because of my new work/sleep schedule, I have time from 6-8 am to exercise. Lately, I’ve been going on long bike rides which I used to do when I was training to play pro soccer. It’s nice to be outside while its getting light out.
  • I’ve enjoyed the city I live in a lot more. I was pretty set on leaving in a couple of months so I tried to keep busy with that thought. I shut myself off to new opportunities and relationship possibilities because I didn’t want anything to hold me back. Well since I’m not going to Chicago anymore, I’ve “allowed” myself to be open to new people and experiences. I went to the Saturday Morning Market and have met some pretty cool people lately.
  • My dad and I have brainstormed some pretty cool ideas that we’re going to add to our business.
  • I’m still an avid soccer player and my team, the United Serbs, won the Division One Championship game on Sunday, 2-0! Below is a picture of the team and I’m in the top row, all the way to the right.

  • But perhaps the most exciting thing that I’m working on, is a guide that will show you step-by-step, how you can start and grow your micro business! I’ve literally spent years growing our family micro business so it’ll show you what to do, how to do it, and perhaps most importantly, what not to do! This guide will allow you to start and grow your business at your own pace, you won’t have to wait for me to post new content, and I’ll be able serve you as your micro business consultant if you have any questions or need help on anything specifically. I’m hoping to have the guide completed in 4-5 months and I’ll give you updates from time to time!

Because of all these things going on, I won’t be able to create quality content Monday-Friday anymore. But what I can guarantee is that high-quality content will be posted at least once a week!

I hope you can accept my apology and that we can continue to be friends.


The Micro Business Kid

Marc Paetzold

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5/15/12 Business Isn’t as Sexy as the Movies Make You Think it is

Page views over the weekend:103

Total page views since launch: 892

The blog started out getting no more than 20 views a day. We’ve been getting at least 95 page views a day over the past 4 days. I’m puzzled as to what the cause exactly is but I’m extremely grateful for it.

Today’s Review:

Total Time Spent: About 1.5 hours.

Total Money Spent: $0

* * *

If there’s anything specific that you’d like for me to write about, let me know and I’ll do my best to make it happen!

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5/12-5/14/12: A Historical Weekend at the Micro Business Kid

Page views over the weekend:336

Total page views since launch: 789

The Micro Business Kid has been around for 2 weeks. It’s crazy to think that almost half my views came from only 3 of those 14 days. I think the jump is due to the fact that people are sharing over social networks, I’ve started posts that allows for reader interaction, and people are becoming more aware of the blog. Whatever the reason, I greatly appreciate everyone that checks it out!

The Weekend’s Review:

  • I’ll be the first to say that I probably worked more than 2 hours a day. It’s not so much the amount of time that you should focus on, it’s the amount of productivity you can create in the least amount of time possible.
  • Created the Helpful Post of the Day and the Thought-Provoking Question of the Day to give my readers resources that I use/have used and to increase reader interaction. They also help me stay accountable in my constant learning and make me think. Win-win.
  • Created a product giveaway to whoever gives me the most helpful feedback. I got a lot of awesome feedback so thank you to everyone who gave me a suggestion.
  • One of the suggestions was that I interview micro business owners and post those. I created an interview template and sent it out to 2 potential interviewees. I’ll hopefully have the first one ready to post within the next 2-3 weeks.
  • I created some content for future posts.
  • A lot of planning and thinking was done.

Odds and ends:

  • My business plan is back up. Had some troubles with people finding that. You can find it here.
  • There was a huge response to this post so these updates are here to stay!
  • I’m experimenting if the time in which I publish posts effects page views or not. Most posts will be published between 10 pm-5 am EST. My schedule fluctuates a lot lately so I’ll try to get it more consistent.

Total Time Spent: Probably 7-8 hours over 3 days.

Total Money Spent: $0

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5/11/12 Does Anyone Care about These Updates?

I feel like the updates are getting monotonous, there isn’t much substance, and it doesn’t really help my readers. What do you guys think? Do the updates improve your lives in some way or should I stop doing them?

Yesterday’s page views: 14

Total page views since launch: 453

Today’s Review:

  • Created a giveaway of a hardcover copy Chris Guillebeau’s new book, the $100 Start Up to create more value for my readers and to receive feedback from them.
  • Created the Thought Provoking Question of the Day concept. I feel like this will add value to my readers and will only benefit them as people and as an entrepreneurs.
  • Also created the Helpful Quote of the Day concept. Again, I feel like this will add value to my readers. I’ve always been interested in quotes and I feel like they can tell you a lot about the person who said them. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when creating a business so why not learn from past and current successful business people?

Time spent: About 1.25 hours

Money spent today: $0

Total money spent: $0

* * *

Have a great weekend everyone! Don’t forget to give me feedback for your chance to win a copy of the $100 Start Up. You can find details about that here.

Expect the Thought Provoking Question of the Day and the Helpful Quote of the Day over the weekend but regular posts will continue to be published Monday-Friday.


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5/10/12 Less is More, More or Less

From now on this will be the new update format:

Yesterday’s page views: 62

Total page views since launch: 439

Today’s Review:

  • Finished reading Jay-Z’s Decoded. He’s a great musician and an even better entrepreneur. The book dissects his lyrics along with commentary to tell his story and is full of business and life messages.
  • Came across this interesting post: How to Slay The Dragons Of Your Freelance Journey . It’s great advice for any freelancer who is just starting out.
  • Wrote a post about an interview I listened to between Darren Rouse and Ana White who are big names in the blogging world. Ana’s blog gets about 3 million page views a month! You can check out that post here.

Total time spent: About 1.5 hours

Money spent today: $0

Total money spent: $0

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5/9/12 That Chip on my Shoulder is Starting to Pay Off

The 39 page views the Micro Business got yesterday was a lot more than I expected. I’ll be the first to admit that the content on the blog probably isn’t “polished” and I’m probably not the best writer in the world, but if I can add value to your life, then that’s all that matters to me.

  • The 2 hours I worked today started at midnight last night. I listened to an interview between Darren Rouse from Probloggers and Ana White. Her blog gets about 3,000,000 page views a month and she had a lot of valuable information to share. I’ll create an overview from what I got out of it and post it for you guys tomorrow!
  • I created an “office” that you see below:

Definitely nothing fancy, but it doesn’t have to be. Functionality is key to me. I have my goals on the left of my cork board and my wants, purpose, and reasons why I’ll succeed on the right. Those shoe boxes are from a past business venture, (distributing Globe skateboard shoes,) and hold my important business documents and inspiration for future content and projects.

Jay Z’s book, Decoded, is also pictured. I’m finishing that up soon. Jay Z is an incredible musician and business man. The book breaks down his lyrics and helps you realize just how deep his lyrics are. It shows you where he came from and what he did to get where he is. It’s probably an “unconventional” book to read as an entrepreneur, but it never hurts to do something different, right?

  • Another thing I did today was get another testimonial from Adam at Untitled Motorcycles in London, England. They’re an incredible custom vintage BMW shop. You can check them out here.
  • I created a new post called “Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Start a Micro Business in your Spare Time” that you can check out here.

Instead of telling you that I haven’t spent anything on the business yet, I’ll let you know once I finally do! I have a feeling it will be sometime next week.

As for that chip on my shoulder, I’ll let you know what that is soon.

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