What Makes an “Expert” an Expert? And Life Help from Ken Block

Today’s Thought-Provoking Questions of the Day from the Micro Business Kid:

  • What makes an “expert” an expert?

It’s not having a fancy degree or anything like that; it’s about someone’s experience in a certain field. It’s also very relative. Anyone who has more experience than you in something would be considered the expert compared to you. If you’ve never operated a business, then I would be considered a “business expert” compared to you. But if you were to compare me to Warren Buffet, he’d be the business expert. Make sense? The term “expert” is misused all the time; people use it to appear better than someone else or more educated or whatever. Bullshit. It just means you’ve done it longer than someone else. You can be nice and share your expertise with the world or keep it to yourself. You’re not some untouchable figure; you’re still a human just like the rest of us.

  • This is one that you’ll have to answer yourself:

You exist – But do you live? Does being alive look like being inside a cubicle from 9-5 for 40 years of your life or does it look more like this?

* * *

These questions are designed to make you think. There are no right or wrong answers. I got the ball rolling on the first question so you know what I think. What about you? What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts.




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One response to “What Makes an “Expert” an Expert? And Life Help from Ken Block

  1. A very thought provoking question! I do think the term of being an expert is relative, but you still need to have a certain degree of experience before you can be considered an expert. I’ve been skydiving once, but I certainly wouldn’t consider myself an expert compared to a person who has never been. 🙂

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