Muhammed Ali, Robert Downey Jr., and 40 Useful Sites to Learn New Skills

I try to share useful information, links, and quotes that I find during my quest in business every Monday that helps keep me going or helps me grow as an entrepreneur in hopes that it will help you as well.

Came across this on StumbleUpon and it hit a nerve. This is true in all aspects of life; especially business. There is a lot of boring, tedious stuff that you have to do to eventually have a successful micro business. I tried out for professional soccer teams a couple years ago and my training schedule was hell….6-7 days at the gym a week and 4-6 days of soccer a week. On top of a full-time job and running a business. Don’t ask me how I was able to do all of that because I have no clue. It’s a lot of hard work but it’ll pay off one day as long as you keep on going.

  • Top 40 Useful Sites to Learn New Skills As you learn more about life and things in general, the more useful you are to the world because you’ll be able to start, grow, and manage your micro business that much better. I check out a couple of the sites mentioned from time to time and it really is useful information.

Business isn’t always pretty. Sometimes you have to suck up to others and please people you don’t necessarily like. There will also always be other people in your way when you’re trying to do something incredible. Stroke their egos, make them think what they’re saying is valuable to you, and keep on doing what you were already doing!


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