Cheeseburgers, Hacking Your Brain, Life Secrets and Tips, Becoming a Morning Person, and House Sitting

Mondays at the Micro Business Kid consist of the Helpful Posts of the Week. They’ll highlight interesting, helpful things that I’ve found throughout the previous week.

  • If you want an example of a great website lay out which provokes customer interaction, look no further than this one. If it doesn’t make you want to have a cheeseburger, you have no soul….or are vegetarian, which is cool too.
  • How Apple and Other Retailers Subtly Seduce You in Their Stores– A good read if you have a physical storefront and a good read if you’re a consumer. Basically, everyone should read this.
  • How to Hack Your Brain according to LifeHacker. I believe that a business is limited by the mind of it’s creator. This is a good article to read if you want to expand your life and take your business to the “next level.”
  • 50 Life Secrets and Tips according to High Existence. AKA ridiculously simple ways to become a better person and entrepreneur.
  • If you’re anything like me and its difficult to wake up before noon, this is an article you’ll definitely want to check out! How to Make Yourself a Morning Person by Meghan Casserly.
  • How to See the World by House Sitting according to Married With Luggage. You may or may not know, but a goal of mine is to be able to move to Europe in 2-3 years and explore it as much as I can and as cheaply as I can. I’ve looked into house sitting a bit and came across this site. If you thought traveling Europe was expensive and impossible, think again.

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