There’s a New Posting Schedule at the Micro Business Kid!

After 41 gruesome nights delivering newspapers as a side job, my sleep schedule is closer to normal once more since I quit last week. That also means I’m coherent enough to spend more, quality time working on our business, posting content more consistently here, and creating a micro business guide that will help you go from having an idea to a fully functioning micro business!

I’ve also come up with a more consistent posting schedule and here it is:

Monday @ 6:00 am EST: Helpful Post of the Week. I used to do this everyday but I think once a week on Monday will be sufficient. There will probably be around 5 helpful things a week and what better day to share these things with you than at the beginning of the week?

Tuesday @ 6:00 am EST: Interview of the Week. A few weeks ago, I asked readers  what they would like to see added to the blog. One suggestion was that I interview other micro business owners and share their perspectives with my readers. I thought it was a great idea and the first interview will be posted this Tuesday! I currently don’t have any other interviews lined up so chances are that Tuesdays won’t have regular posts for the time being.

Wednesday @ 6:00 am EST: Thought-Provoking Questions of the Week. What better way to get you past “Hump Day” than by making you think? Expect around 3 questions each week.

Thursday @ 6:00 am EST: Book Review of the Week. The purpose of the Micro Business Kid is to provide you with resources, among other things that will help you start and grow a successful micro business. About 99% of my business sense came from reading books. I’m constantly reading and learning new things so I figured I’d share what I read to entice you to read the same. Maybe we can start a book discussion sometime in the future?

Friday @ 6:00 am EST: Actual Post of the Week. Fridays will be the day that I post a regular article that has to do with Micro Business. This will give you something to read in the office while you’re counting down the minutes until your weekend starts and it will give you inspiration while you plan your escape over the weekend.

Sound good?


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