Life Lessons I Learned While Delivering Newspapers

Warning: This is a bit of a rant. If you are sensitive to cuss words, I suggest you don’t read. Are the cuss words really needed? Yes. Because society as a whole needs to get its head out of its ass.

  • There are always people who are currently in more dire situations than you may ever be in. Make the most of what you have.
  • Potential is a terrible thing to waste. Do something with it or else you’ll end up in a less than desirable situation.
  • People in less than desirable situations make the most out of it, try to enjoy themselves, and survive however they can. People who value “things” more than connections, should re-evaluate their priorities.
  • All what people in less than desirable situations are looking for are opportunities to provide for themselves and their families. It’s up to the more fortunate to provide these opportunities.
  • Unfortunately, some companies take extreme advantage of this and legally get away with it.
  • Desperate times really do lead to desperate measures.
  • “Good” people often find themselves in difficult situations. Bad luck doesn’t discriminate.
  • Everyone has their own agenda and reasoning behind their actions.
  • We, as a society, put money up on a pedestal. Instead of focusing on making more, we should focus on being content on what we already have.
  • Not everyone has a computer at home. Be fuckin thankful for your lap top, Playstation 3, iPod, and iPhone. These are privileges. YOU AREN’T ENTITLED TO SHIT. Earn your own damn way. Take responsibility.
  • People work at all kinds of hours and days. There is no such thing as a “day off” when you deliver papers. Same goes for holidays. Be thankful that you have every holiday off from work that you do.
  • There are other ways of making money besides trading your time for it.
  • Attitude is everything and greatly influences every situation.
  • Everything has at least two different perspectives behind it.
  • If you have a home, be fuckin thankful. If you have some source of income, stop bitching about how “tough” you have it. Someone else will gladly take your job. If you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by friends and family that love you, what more could you want or need?
  • Learn to be content with your situation, no matter how “dire” it may seem to you. Put things into perspective and remember that others have it way worse than you.
  • Be kind to EVERYONE that you come across. Treat everyone as a fuckin human being regardless of their job title. People aren’t “dishwashers” or “cheap farm labor;” they’re PEOPLE. A nice gesture or a genuine smile can make someone’s week. These simple, yet powerful interactions are unfortunately extremely under-rated these days.
  • If you’re still unappreciative of all that you have, I recommend that you spend a month delivering newspapers for below minimum wage.


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