What Does it Mean to “Be Realistic?”

I’m trying something new starting today! Instead of numbering each Thought-Provoking Question of the Day, the subject will be the actual TPQD. This will hopefully cut down on the monotony of generic topic titles…

Today’s thought-provoking question of the day is:

  • What does it mean to be “realistic?”

There is no such thing as being “realistic.” It’s just an excuse. An excuse to not step out of your comfort zone, to conform even though you don’t know why, and it’s an excuse to give up on your dreams. Screw that noise. We only have one life and it scares me shitless to think that I’m wasting just  a minute of it. I want to add value to the world instead of money in some corporation’s bank. I want to live a life where I make my own rules and I want to help you do the same!


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