Helpful Post of the Day #9

The Helpful Post of the Day will involve helpful quotes, articles, pictures, and other stuff that I found interesting or helpful in some kind of way.

Today’s Helpful Post of the Day:

4 Favorites of Urban Inspiration as told by my friend, Kyle Bebeau from Realeyez Apparel

Creativity is something that we all have the capability to use but we may lack the inspiration to tap into it from time to time. Those sites that Kyle shares will definitely help you solve that problem. And if you don’t have that problem, there’s a bunch of really cool shit to look at.

I first met Kyle at the birth of his brand. It’s always refreshing to talk to him and hear about his vision for the brand among other things. He’s a really great guy and his line actually has some substance behind it; he wants people to realeyez.

I am in no way, shape, or form affiliated with the brand or Kyle, but I’m a huge fan of the brand and have the Look, Create on Q, and Combat shirts myself. If you want to support a fellow micro business, you can get yourself a tee from Realeyez here.


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