Help Me, Help You

Please note that this is the exact same post as Free Prize Inside which was posted yesterday. I’m re-posting it so that those who may have not seen it yesterday, have a chance to see it. Sorry if you think it’s spam, but reader interaction really helps me out.

* * *

As you know, I was very fortunate to receive an uncorrected proof of Chris Guillebeau’s new book, the $100 Start Up because he posted a question on his blog where he asked people what they would do if they received a copy before it’s release. Out of about 700 entries, I was 1 in 100 to receive a copy which was bad ass! I wrote a review for it here.

To my huge surprise, I got a hardcover copy of it today as a gift from Chris! Since I already read the uncorrected proof twice, I’ve decided that I should give away this really helpful, really awesome book to one of my readers.

This is how it’ll work:

  • You leave a comment here or contact me through Tumblr and give me some feedback about the Micro Business Kid. Give me positive feedback, criticism, or let me know anything else that you’d like for me to write about. Anything along those lines would be incredibly helpful to me. Phone numbers are also acceptable.
  • I’ll choose the most helpful response on Monday, May 14th and I’ll contact that person to let them know.
  • That person will give me their shipping address, and I’ll send out their copy with free shipping as soon as possible.



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4 responses to “Help Me, Help You

  1. Maybe you could do occasional posts of interviews with people who have started microbusinesses and get at what has worked and not worked for them, what they’ve learned, etc.

    • Dude, that is an incredible idea! I’ll work on creating an interview and ask some of the micro businesses I’ve worked with if they’d be willing to do one. I really appreciate your input!

      Have a good one,

  2. happygrape2

    Maybe some answers (or at least thoughts) to those thought provoking questions to faciliate some discussion!

    • That’s a good point. I wanted it to be an unbiased discussion so I wanted to let my readers make the first move but for the sake of discussion, it probably wouldn’t hurt if I started it. Thanks for the idea!

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