Thought Provoking Question of the Day (TPQD) #1

While the Micro Business Kid helps entrepreneurs grow their micro businesses, it’s now expanding to help those entrepreneurs grow as people.

The Thought Provoking Question of the Day (or TPQD) is meant to make you think. It’s not meant to sway you in your political beliefs, life beliefs, or anything else like that. Take some time to think about the answer to the questions. Most of the time, there will be more than one answer.

You can keep your answer to yourself or you can comment and we can all have a discussion. Please try to respect others and remember that one answer is not more correct or more wrong than the next. If you attack anyone, I’ll delete your comment. Let’s just try to be civil adults, shall we?

Without further ado, I present you with the first TPQD:

  • If you went to college, why did you go? If you didn’t go to college, why not?


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6 responses to “Thought Provoking Question of the Day (TPQD) #1

  1. Ryan Konkel

    I went to college but stopped to pursue a career change/purchase a house/ have a kid. I intend to finish some day to complete the experience and earn a degree, but I am skeptical that it will improve my prospects in the next 5-10 years (I expect it to matter when I have been doing a particular career for a while). The reason I went in the first place is because my parents and high school made us believe that it was the necessary path to getting a “good job”. In reality, especially these days, this is not true.

    • I had a similar college experience and reason behind it. I went to the University of South Florida for 3 semesters, totally screwed up on summer classes and dropped out, but didn’t tell my parents. I’d go to the library to kill some time, read books, and learned a lot more reading those books than I did in class. That led me to drop out to help my dad start the business and pursue playing professional soccer. I’ve been taking classes part-time for 2 semesters again but I’m skeptical as well. I’m a pretty good student with a 3.67 gpa but I don’t feel like jumping through hoops more than I have to. My friends from my USF days don’t exactly have the most glorious jobs due to their business degrees; one is a stocker at a grocery store, another in online sales, and the other is a middle school math teacher. I don’t exactly see the correlation in their experiences.

      A few other friends recently graduated and one was offered a managerial position strictly because he got a degree. Unfortunately, that’s just how it is in the corporate world. Fortunately, working for a corporation isn’t your only option when it comes to making money. From my personal experience, it is harder to get started making money without a degree at the beginning, but once your credibility and experience grows, it was definitely worth all the hard work.

      I was brought up the same way so I did what everyone else did and am now a part of the flawed system, complete with a decent amount of student loans…

  2. Twowheels23

    College tuition is out of control…’s as bad as the rest of economic disasters happening now.Not too long ago you could work part time and go to school full time and graduate w/little or no debt. The odd factor I see now is the lag between the reality on the ground and the personal experience that has become outdated.Having a high school aged son and hearing the crap the schools are passing off as advice is frustrating…….
    I dropped out after two years of college,twenty five years ago,and quickly paid it off. While I was interested in anthropology ,being an academic was the wrong choice.The financial hole was shallow and the wrong decision quickly passed into memory.

    • I’m 22 so my college career began not too long ago. I’m only $10,000 in debt with student loans but its still something that I want to get rid of sooner rather than later. To make things worse, I don’t have a degree to show for it but it’s not exactly worth it to me to continue to go down that path. My friends who are more in debt that graduated with degrees, basically have the same jobs that someone without a degree could get.

      The school system is a complete joke to me! While I got good grades throughout school, my cousins in Germany make me feel like an idiot. I had a couple years of French and don’t remember a thing whereas one of my cousins knows English and French fluently. To say our system is screwed up is an understatement…

  3. I went to vocational collage at 17 for 2 years which got me a job that has kept me in work full time and part time for over 27 years. I don’t like the work but it pays the bills. I have started a small motorbike customization business which I hope one day to do full time. It is a slow process and I have the fear of it failing which could be humiliating and also the fear of it becoming a success as that could take me away from my family too much. I’m never happy. I think there are so many different ways of making some money in life and what I have found is do something you love more than doing something for the money. I know it’s a cliche however I’m going to say it anyway you spend more time at work than anywhere else so do something you enjoy. Great blog Marc. Count me out of the book give away as I know you.

    • Thanks for your input Adam. I’m pretty certain that schooling/job market/job requirements are fairly different between the United States and Europe in general. You’re creating your business in a great way; part time while you have another source of income to fund it and take care of regular expenses. There will always be the fear of failing but that just comes with the territory of creating a business. At least you won’t spend your life wondering “what if?” If you can, try to use the business as a way to bring your family together. After my dad started his business, I got more into bikes and now even my mom has her motorcycle license!

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