Free Prize Inside

As you know, I was very fortunate to receive an uncorrected proof of Chris Guillebeau’s new book, the $100 Start Up because he posted a question on his blog where he asked people what they would do if they received a copy before it’s release. Out of about 700 entries, I was 1 in 100 to receive a copy which was bad ass! I wrote a review for it here.

To my huge surprise, I got a hardcover copy of it today as a gift from Chris! Since I already read the uncorrected proof twice, I’ve decided that I should give away this really helpful, really awesome book to one of my readers.

This is how it’ll work:

  • You leave a comment here or contact me through Tumblr and give me some feedback about the Micro Business Kid. Give me positive feedback, criticism, or let me know anything else that you’d like for me to write about. Anything along those lines would be incredibly helpful to me. Phone numbers are also acceptable.
  • I’ll choose the most helpful response on Monday, May 14th and I’ll contact that person to let them know.
  • That person will give me their shipping address, and I’ll send out their copy with free shipping as soon as possible.




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4 responses to “Free Prize Inside

  1. Ryan Konkel

    I think it would be insightful to perhaps include photos with your updates as an illustration of how you are implementing what you’ve learned/ learning more to pass on to others. I see the Habermann updates on Tumblr and stuff, but I know myself I connect to images and being able to SEE what you are doing (when it is so easy in blog format) is cool- even if it might sometimes seem boring. Otherwise, you are off to a great start and “buidling your army of followers”. It doesn’t happen overnight.

    • You’re 2skinny, right? Thanks for your insight. I’m trying to show people more of the “behind the scenes” part of business. It’s sometimes difficult to really show that. I’m not exactly sure how to show that “I read so and so and then did this” since most of it is done electronically, you know? I guess I could include pictures of my notes and stuff like that? I try to use my updates to do that but I’m not exactly sure how I can do that visually. Any further conversation would really help!

      • Ryan Konkel

        Yeah, after I said it I realized alot of what you post about is “behind the scenes” type stuff and not really photo worthy. But maybe when you have a unique moment at “work” or school or whatever that could be included. Also, perhaps along the lines of the daily quote- maybe an inspirational photo could be thrown in occasionally, and/or a link to other articles you find interesting, etc. And yeah, 2Skinny is my tag around the internets.

      • I posted a picture of my “work space” the other day that some people might find interesting. I enjoy those “behind the scenes” type things too. Those are all great ideas for the daily quote…spice things up a bit you know. I just started that today but I’ll definitely try to incorporate those kinds of things.

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