5/11/12 Does Anyone Care about These Updates?

I feel like the updates are getting monotonous, there isn’t much substance, and it doesn’t really help my readers. What do you guys think? Do the updates improve your lives in some way or should I stop doing them?

Yesterday’s page views: 14

Total page views since launch: 453

Today’s Review:

  • Created a giveaway of a hardcover copy Chris Guillebeau’s new book, the $100 Start Up to create more value for my readers and to receive feedback from them.
  • Created the Thought Provoking Question of the Day concept. I feel like this will add value to my readers and will only benefit them as people and as an entrepreneurs.
  • Also created the Helpful Quote of the Day concept. Again, I feel like this will add value to my readers. I’ve always been interested in quotes and I feel like they can tell you a lot about the person who said them. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when creating a business so why not learn from past and current successful business people?

Time spent: About 1.25 hours

Money spent today: $0

Total money spent: $0

* * *

Have a great weekend everyone! Don’t forget to give me feedback for your chance to win a copy of the $100 Start Up. You can find details about that here.

Expect the Thought Provoking Question of the Day and the Helpful Quote of the Day over the weekend but regular posts will continue to be published Monday-Friday.



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2 responses to “5/11/12 Does Anyone Care about These Updates?

  1. Twowheels23

    Chatting w/ my 17 year old son over coffee, I find out he has a ” micro business” going on behind my back…….so proud! Him and a buddy are working on a skater design paraphenalia thing,been working the net and selling buttons to start. So I tell him all about your blog and that he needs to contact you! It came out of the blue,years ago I tried to get him going by working on stencils for his boards. He works at the MOA zumies right now and is pretty dialed in on his need to get something going in his life. Thanks for being out there and doing this blog!

    • That’s awesome that he’s been doing something like that behind your back! I sold some skateboard decks, wheels, trucks, etc a couple years ago. I also was/am a distributor for Brixton clothing and Globe shoes so I know a little about the industry. I’d love to chat with him. He can contact me on the blog, through Tumblr, or e-mail at microbusinesskid@tampabay.rr.com. The main goal in doing this blog/experiment/whatever you want to call it, is to help people make a living doing something they’re passionate about and creating value to the world instead of simply being paper pushers and living an unfulfilled life so I think I could really help you guys/him out!

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