5/10/12 Less is More, More or Less

From now on this will be the new update format:

Yesterday’s page views: 62

Total page views since launch: 439

Today’s Review:

  • Finished reading Jay-Z’s Decoded. He’s a great musician and an even better entrepreneur. The book dissects his lyrics along with commentary to tell his story and is full of business and life messages.
  • Came across this interesting post: How to Slay The Dragons Of Your Freelance Journey . It’s great advice for any freelancer who is just starting out.
  • Wrote a post about an interview I listened to between Darren Rouse and Ana White who are big names in the blogging world. Ana’s blog gets about 3 million page views a month! You can check out that post here.

Total time spent: About 1.5 hours

Money spent today: $0

Total money spent: $0


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