Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Start a Micro Business in your Spare Time

  1. You only have one shot at life. Might as well make the most out of it!
  2. There’s more to life than being a wage slave.
  3. You are more valuable to the world sharing your passion than you are working for an hourly wage at some faceless corporation.
  4. You hate your job? A micro business can serve as your escape plan.
  5. Want to spend more time with your family instead of working 80 hours a week? A micro business can be your escape plan.
  6. Someone, somewhere needs your help; whether you inspire them with your story, create a product to improve their life, or entertain them with your micro business.
  7. A micro business can give you enough income so you can turn your dreams into a reality.
  8. A micro business opens your world up to new opportunities, new connections, and most importantly; a new life.
  9. Sharing your passion with people all around the world, instead of holding it in, is an absolutely incredible feeling that not everyone gets a chance to experience.
  10. Not only can you improve your life, you can improve your family’s life and the life of countless people around the world.
  11. You get to make friends from all over the world and they will turn into family.
  12. You can crash on your new friends’ couch when you travel the world.
  13. Telling people about your micro business makes you more interesting than if you were to tell them how much you hate your job.
  14. Sharing that you have a business is a great ice breaker and helps your game when you’re out when you try to impress an attractive woman/guy.
  15. A micro business can serve as your legacy project; something that people will remember you by, even after you pass.
  16. You get to take more control over your financial well-being. You can’t get fired unless you want to move  on to something else.
  17. For some reason, the title “business owner,” gets you a lot of respect.
  18. You’re creating something to move on to so you can finally “stick it to the man.”
  19. A micro business gets you out of the rat race.
  20. Life slows down to an enjoyable pace when you have a micro business. You’ll be able to wake up and go to bed when you want and you get to fill your schedule with more things you enjoy and less pointless meetings about stuff you don’t care about.

(Image found on Tumblr. Don’t know who has the rights.)



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