5/4/12 The Most Productive Day Yet!

The Micro Business Kid got 30 page views yesterday. This may be getting redundant, but thank you so much to everyone that has read the blog. I greatly appreciate it!!

I spent about an hour and a half working on the blog today. Here’s what I did:

  • I received a testimonial from the awesome guys at Venturi Moto in Columbus, Ohio. You can check out what they have to say about me here.
  • I asked for more testimonials to help my credibility.
  • I messed around with the blog lay-out a little and added links to Facebook and Twitter on the right side of the blog. I also created a way for people to sign up for e-mail updates to the blog.
  • I created a Facebook page for the Micro Business Kid here and a Twitter account here. You can create your own at facebook.com and twitter.com respectively. Shout out to Askam Bell for being my first follower on Twitter! I used my bio on the Micro Business Kid for these social networks which was convenient.
  • Linked my WordPress account to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr so new posts will automatically be shared on these social networks.
  • I already had a Tumblr account but I changed some things so it was in line with the Micro Business Kid. You can check it out here.
  • Created a new post titled “5 Simple Ways to Get More Page Views.” You can look it over here.

A great, big thanks to everyone who’s read the Micro Business Kid during its first week! There is a lot of set-up stuff involved but hopefully it helps you get an idea of what it takes to create a location-independent micro business. As per my 2 hours/5 days a week work-schedule, I’m taking Saturday and Sunday off to relax and refuel for the next work week. Have a good one!



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6 responses to “5/4/12 The Most Productive Day Yet!

  1. I like your blog. I’m new to this stuff as well. Like you, I am learning and picking up tips as I go. I just thought I would throw this out there, but have you looked into other ventures to go along with this. You could try affiliate marketing, ad sense or consumer direct marketing.

    • Hey, thanks for taking the time to comment! As a start, I want to focus on consulting so I can work closely with my followers/readers so I can see what kinds of issues, problems, etc they have. I’d love to create some ebooks/guides and offer those for sale that are more specific to those issues. Once the blog gains more traction and readers, I’d look into being an affiliate for other blogs as well as set up an affiliate program for my products. In the distant future, I’d love to set up some kind of members forum. First things first, I want to build my content and provide real value to my readers. I’ve thought of ad sense and things like that, but I feel like its not worth the small amount of potential income to spam my readers. I also don’t want to drive them away once they actually come across my blog, you know? I’m not exactly sure what consumer direct marketing entails but I’m always open to new ideas. If you want, you can e-mail me at microbusinesskid@tampabay.rr.com and we can talk more!

      Have a good one,

      • Yeah, it was after I made that comment that I noticed you are working with a limited time slot due to your schooling and soccer. That makes sense.

      • I could probably spend a lot more time working on things but I want to show people who may have limited time that it’s possible to build a micro business in their “spare” time and that you don’t have to quit your day job to do it. I also think the “light” schedule will help avoid things like burn out and hating the business because its all I do and the same would go for anyone else. Don’t be a stranger! Could you tell me a little about your blog and your goals with it?

      • Well, initially, it was something that I did as a tool to sort of motivate myself and get me going. Then, the more I learned about blogs, the more I learned that I could use it to promote my website. The website is a simple ebook for my consumer direct marketing business. It’s a simple business model where I refer customers to the company and then anything they buy, I would get a commission on that. As I progress, I want to get better at adding quality content and injecting some media to my blog as well. My goal is to update it once a week, but I did have a bit of a slump in there.

      • Oh, cool! I had a previous blog where I shared my thoughts, ideas, and experiences with a previous business but posts were scattered all over the place and there really wasn’t much substance behind it. Good luck on your goal! There’s a lot of times that I get writer’s block and such but I think its important to stay at least somewhat consistent but every now and then everyone needs a little break.

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