5/3/12 Simply put, F.A.Q.!

The Micro Business Kid received 39 views yesterday. I guess people liked my business plan?! Once again, thank you so much to everyone that checked out the blog. I really appreciate it!

In about 40 minutes, I created a F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions.) You can check it out here.

Like anything ever created, that “thing” will not be for everyone and that’s fine. You can’t please everyone! To help people decide if the Micro Business Kid is for them, I created the F.A.Q. section so they can decide for themselves. There’s nothing worse than wasting your time or wasting the time of others on creating a relationship that isn’t right for both of you. (If you’ve ever lived with a boyfriend or girlfriend and it didn’t quite work out, you know what I mean.)

The F.A.Q. section also serves as a type of disclosure. Please note, that most businesses will not share the “back end side” of things such as page views, what they do behind the scenes, and income and expenses but since I’m showing you how to create a location-independent micro business, I feel like you should see these things.

Also in the future, if any questions come up, I can politely share the F.A.Q. page with others to see if that can answer their questions instead of having to take the time to answer all of the questions time after time. Hope that makes sense.


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