4/29/12 What Did I Do Today?

So this is what I did to get the ball rolling!

  • Created a sub-account from my e-mail provider so you can actually communicate with me! Take a look around your e-mail provider’s homepage and you can do the same. You could also get a Google+ account here but I’m not too familiar with it so I decided to go another route. Make the e-mail address something that is related to your business. If you don’t have an idea, you can just use your name!
  • Created this WordPress blog at http://www.wordpress.com. Use your new e-mail address to verify it and you’re good to go! Take a look and mess around a little. You can learn a lot by doing. If you need some help, check out WordPress’ support and forum.
  • Asked for testimonials. I’ve already helped a couple of people with their businesses for free so I asked them if they would be willing to give me some testimonials so I can use them on this site to build my credibility. You should do the same.
  • Looked through some themes to create the blog. That took the most amount of time today. I decided on the current one with a little help from my parents.
  • Created my bio so you know a little more about me!
  • Wrote my first blog post because I felt compelled to do so. “What’s the hardest thing about starting a business?” is a question that I’ve been asked a lot so I decided I should answer it. I’m also guilty of it so I can totally relate!

How much did it cost?

Zip, zero, nothing. All of these things didn’t cost me anything to do. I guess you could get technical and say that I had to pay for the e-mail address that is included with our internet service but you could set up a Google+ account if you want for free!

Hopefully this will help you see that not having “enough time” or money is a myth when it comes to starting a business.


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